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ISSA Movement 
champions actionable change, striving to improve our shared
Environment, Education, and social Equity with real measurable outcomes by implementing community clean ups, food drives, after school programs etc. always being on the cutting edge of emerging and expanding sustainable structures

Post Protests Clean Up

News 1

On the News

Click here to watch our latest news feature of members cleaning up post protest. Two of our volunteers explain the reason they came out and it exemplifies what our movement is really about!

News 2

An Open Dialouge

Laura explains how we can come together to create positive social change together through this movement. The People's Voice of Boston - No Brows Given Podcast

On June 2nd, 2020 ISSA Movement met outside the Boston State House after thousands of people gathered to peacefully protest the night prior turned into a riot. We marched together with the same message as protestors, but instead of chanting we were cleaning. We held multiple clean ups in the commons as well as Franklin Park in Dorchester after the protests throughout the week. 

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