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New Beginnings!

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

As the past year has shown us, life is not always predictable, and amidst the recent shutdowns we have recognized new internal needs of our community. Many of the first to lend a helping hand are quite possibly needing support of their own at this time due to job losses, health issues, and just an overall collapse of morale. We want you to know that we SEE you!

When we started ISSA in 2018, we felt that our goals were to address disparages around the globe, and to create a platform that connected activists to resources in a way that was empowering and educational. We hosted fundraisers, community forums, clothings drives, and activated small teams to help clean up trash that littered our parks and communities. We hosted several successful large events through the summer including an artist showcase, a beach clean ups, and a retreat, which helped our community grow stronger despite the global pandemic.

There has been huge discussions about how as the founders of ISSA, we find it appropriate to move forward in 2021, and for the foreseeable future afterwards as. well. Some major restructuring is currently under way, and while that is in the works, we look forward to engaging more with all of our current members, to open up further conversation about where you think our man power and assets are the most beneficial of service!

One thing that we have decided to put more time towards in an effort to connect, is a weekly check in on Wednesday evenings at 7 EST. We have been providing weekly healthy recipes, and hosting these videos chats on FB Live! During the call we have heard from some of our community members what they have been binge watching on Netflix, what their morning rituals are like , what books they are reading, what good advice they have been given lately!

Angie Snow, a community member recently also kicked off a great weekly post idea “Good News Tuesday”! We are really excited to build more predictable content engagement around the idea of fun weekly topics like this!

So, be sure to keep your eyes open as we continue to grow and expand the content on our Facebook page! If you have any ideas of your own, send us the idea and a fun name or hashtag! We would love to see more organic growth and outreach too, so when you get chance invite your friends, or tag them in a thread! It incredible what we are able to accomplish when we collaborate and share our visions with other amazing activists around not only Boston, but the US and beyond.

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