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We enjoy hosting multiple events every month to promote camaraderie within our organization as well as increase interpersonal connections within the communities we hope to impact. For the most up to date information please join our Facebook group!

Over the past year, we have held multiple community clean-ups, workshops, fundraisers, & homeless drives. Together we have been able to drive initiatives to support our three pillars: Environment, Education, & Social Activism. We want to continue to strengthen these pillars with your support! 

Mobil Food Drive
Due to the negative impact that the pandemic has had on families and there loved ones, ISSA has partnered with local farmers & organizations to bring fresh food boxes hand delivered to your door in the Greater Boston Area. Each box is filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products to ensure a well balanced and nutritious diet for all the families in need. We have a limited supply of boxes so please be sure to fill out the form here for either you or a friend before October 19th, the food drive will take place on October 21st, must be in the Boston area!
Post Protest Clean-up

Following the negative aftermath of the positive protests which occurred May 31st, we saw this as our call to action to support and aide in the clean-up and relief efforts of the trashing and looting of Boston MA. This created a chain reaction and we decided to host as total of 3 clean ups that week, we had over 60 members come out to help to demonstrate how much of a movement we can create around community, sustainability, love, compassion, the city, and the environment.

Photo taken on Wednesday June 3rd in front of our State House

Expression of Hope

Join us on Sunday June 14th in a peaceful gathering to commemorate the small victories being won everyday through the BLM Movement. These are the largest civil right events that have happened in history and has raised awareness globally. This will be a day to come together and take action for a better future, there will be information on state representatives to reach out as well as a voter registration booth to sign up if you haven't yet. 

This will be a day to stand in hope, solidarity, & artistic expression through interactive murals, speakers, dance, & more! Visit our facebook page for more information.


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